would you care to dance??

fathers and daughters

mothers and sons

lets dance…

mothers and sons

husbands and wives

brothers and sisters

crazy cousins!!!


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summer wedding day

a beautiful wedding ceremony

followed by an ocean side reception

the first dance

proud parents

and the happy couple, let the celebration begin!!

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It’s all about the hair, Hehir

on a hot summer day it’s best to wear your hair up be it a braid

lovely ladies

or a lovely twist from the lady responsible for all this:

thanks aunt b for all the great updos!! love the shoes

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A Day at the Beach

Another of the planned events for the weekend wedding was “Beach Activities”

A family friend graciously hosted the event at their pool house and allowed for easy beach access for the day. 

Some guests enjoyed the pool.









Others were spotted in hats and movie star sunglasses, (the Clinton Wedding has nothing on this bunch!!)









Outdoor shower and putting green.

boardwalk leading to the beach


my idea of a day at the beach


Organized Sport of the day was Liberty Ball, think bocce ball on the beach.

Teams were formed..

and let the games begin…

Some officials kept score..

while others kept a cold one in the hands of the players

there were bathing beauties spotted on the beach

competition was tough but our hometown girls made it to the final 4

but they were up against a dangerous duo, father of the bride and

the groom…

it was a close game

but in the end…

the guys won…


The Final Four, (did the girls let them win?  we’ll never know..I say rematch at the next wedding!!

all in all it was a great day at the beach!

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Welcome Dinner

 The parents of the bride graciously opened up their home to welcome everyone to the start of an incredible wedding celebration!! 

Their home overlooks the beaches of the island. 



Proud Father & the Bride


Mother of the Bride and fabulous caterer!

 Now I know normal people take pictures of other people, but sorry folks I’m a chef and in the words of food networks,  Alton Brown (I’m here for the food) haha!! 


A Mexican themed evening was a huge hit and a favorite cuisine of the bride and groom to be.  Good choice it was all delicious!!  Whole roasted red snapper with salsa verde, black beans and shredded pork, fresh corn salad and more..   

Tortilla Bar set up in the kitchen was quite a hit, with queso and assorted toppings.  



Sopas with chorizo and goat cheese



homemade oreo!!

Tres Leche Cake with fresh fruit, peaches of course






 Sorry if these pictures are a little out of focus, did I mention they were serving Margaritas too, hence the blurry picture!



I did manage to get a few family shots in too, here the bride and groom to be were having a song preformed for them by those crazy family cousins, (every family has them!! and we love them)  

Sister Act I


and the aunt, who's like a sister


and a mother that could pass for your sister




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Weekend Summer Wedding Part 1, AM

welcome wedding bag

Bag complete with a schedule of the weekend events and some Kiawah Island essentials

I was lucky enough to be part of a family house share in an incredible house!!

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Sweet Charleston, SC

A day trip to Charleston proved to be a sweet experience, with our first stop at the Charleston Candy Kitchen.


Old City Market is an open air market with local vendors showcasing their goods.  Running from the waterfront to the main building Market Hall.

 Amazing baskets crafted from sweet grass are woven before you eyes.  A tradition handed down from African slaves.   Well worth the money. 

Time for lunch @ Sticky Fingers

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Lots of great Charleston Restaurant to choose from…

and lots of sights to see…

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